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Single manual French harpsichord from the workshop of Knight Vernon, Harpsichord Maker.

This instrument is based on the work of Pascal Taskin. It has 2 unison stops at 8' pitch with a buff on the front 8'. The range is GG to e'''

The jacks are made of pear wood with holly tongues and boar bristle springs. The instrument is voiced in Celcon.

Of special interest is that the two 8' registers are seperated by a wooden register blank where the 4' stop would be in a larger instrument. By doing this, the true sound of the French harpsichord can be heard wih a more mellow back 8' and a front 8' richer in harmonics.

This instrument has a big, beautiful sound with a very even and light touch.

The price of this instrument is $15,000. Kindly contact me through email at or by phone at               (847) 533-5121 if you would like to discuss this instrument with me.

Here are some photos of this instrument: