Instruments from the workshop of

Harpsichord Maker
 Authentic replicas of historic instruments, carefully made, and elegantly decorated


The exterior of these instruments is hand painted a dark color, divided into panels by 23-karat gold leaf bands. A lighter color can be used for these panels if desired. A gilded molding of 23-karat gold runs around the inner edge of the case and across the outer edges of both the nameboard and the jack-rail.

In the French models, the interior area around the keyboards and above the soundboard is pointed a similar or contrasting color as is the interior of the lid. A 23-karat gold leaf band outlines the lid interior.

In the Franco-Flemish and Flemish instruments, the interior area around the keyboard and above the soundboard is lined with printed papers using traditional designs. The interior of the lid is either painted and outlined with gold leaf bands, or covered with Flemish style wood-grained printed papers on which Latin mottoes can be hand lettered.

The soundboards of these instruments can be painted in tempera, the designs including flowers, birds and butterflies bordered by arabesques.

The instruments are set on turned trestle stands or period style stands. For the Franco-Flemish and Flemish instruments, these stands are made with eleven or twelve baluster turnings. The French models can be set on either Louis XVI style stands with turned and fluted legs, or Louis XIV style stands with cabriole legs.

All harpsichords from our shop bear the maker's mark; an initialed rose, cast in pewter and gilded with 23-karat gold leaf. This rose has the figure of Apollo playing the cithara; an allegoric symbol having its origin on a Greek amphora dated 400 B.C.