Instruments from the workshop of

Harpsichord Maker
 Authentic replicas of historic instruments, carefully made, and elegantly decorated



Harpsichords from the workshop of Knight Vernon are owned by both amateurs and professionals alike. They are in daily use in private homes, music studios, churches and concert halls.

Critical Acclaim:

Some of the institutions that own and use harpsichords from our shop are as follows:

Orchestra Hall  
Detroit, Michigan

Monroe Street Methodist Church 
Toledo, Ohio

St. Mark's Episcopal Church 
Coldwater, Michigan

Kirk in the Hills 
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Central United Methodist Church 
East Lansing, Michigan



Here are some comments about our instruments by those who own or have played them:


"Knight Vernon…builds extraordinary harpsichords. The magnificent tonal quality of the instrument is a delight to the ear and it's elaborate ornamentation a feast for the eyes."

Ernie Jay 
Detroit, Michigan


"We are most pleased with the harpsichord! It has held it's tune quite well, there have been no regulation problems and it has been very well received… Again, thank you for your superb work."  

Richard Palmquist 
Monroe Street Methodist Church 
Toledo, Ohio


"You will be delighted to know that we have used the harpsichord for our Sunday morning services and everyone is greatly pleased with its beautiful sound. I find the instrument responsive and dependable and am surprised that it stays in tune very well."  

Frederick L. Marriott 
Kirk in the Hills 
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan


"…a case of total musical refinement."

Suzanne LaCroix 
New York, New York


"Our excitement and pleasure over the harpsichord continue to grow every day. It is a finer instrument than we had dared hope for."  

Scott Chase 
St. Paul, Minnesota


"The instrument you made for Annie and Scott Chase of St. Paul is superb. It has nicely balanced registers, anon-boomy bass, and a nice reedy front 8'. I am very excited about it."  

Donald A. Nitz 
River Falls, Wisconsin


"Knight, your instruments are better than Hubbard's or Dowd's and you don't even know it!"

Matthew Redsell 
Editor: Continuo